Monday, July 6, 2015

"How do you find time to write?" is the wrong question. Here's why...

Greetings readers!

I'm doing something way out of my comfort zone for my July blog post. I'm posting a video blog!

Why? Because it's time efficient, and my goal this month was to talk about the question I am asked most frequently by non-writers: "How do you find the time to write?"

It's usually (though not always) asked out of genuine curiosity and respect. And it deserves a solid answer. I don't think I managed that with this video, but I tried my best.



  1. Great vlog, Mike! You did a great job. Charming to! With three young boys, I often get asked the same question, and you're right, it's not about finding time, it's about making time. Making choices. "If it wasn't hard, everyone would do it." And, you are awesome for making your deadline by doing a vlog. I just went ahead and missed my post last month! No excuse other than, you know, everything.