Monday, May 11, 2015

Procrastination Kills, AKA: 5 Odds Things Most People Don't Know About Me

My day to blog for the Fall Fifteeners snuck up on me with a vengeance. I've been so distracted by work that I fumbled pretty much everything else.

I had an idea for a post today that would expand on an entry from my personal blog reflecting on the film WHIPLASH, the topic of which is near and dear to my heart. But since I last-minuted the heck of out this post, I can't write it and get to work on time today. I'm going with something much sillier (but hopefully more entertaining) instead, and saving my initial idea for next month.

Here are five very odd things about me that most people (including close friends) don't know:

1) When I walk places, I prefer my total number of steps to be a multiple of four, with an equal quantity of left and right strides. This makes me walk a little silly sometimes.

2) I can't set the volume on my stereo to an odd number. Ten and twelve are okay. Eleven is not.

3) I have a set of drumsticks in my car so I can play on the dash at red lights. Don't worry -- I don't play when the car is in motion.

4) I enjoying telling my students that there is a chocolate swimming pool in the teachers' lounge at my school.

5) I am constantly resisting the urge to talk to myself. This isn't due to any neurological condition (of which I am aware, at least) so much as that I enjoy my own company.

So that's it for today. I swear I will have something more thoughtful for next month, but in the meantime, enjoy my eccentricities!

Mike Grosso is the author of I AM DRUMS, a debut contemporary middle grade for musicians of all ages. It is currently orphaned due to the closing of Egmont USA but is on its way to finding a new home. The Fall Fifteeners have been nice enough to let him hang out in the meantime.

You can visit Mike's website here or follow him on Twitter @mgrossoauthor.

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