Monday, August 24, 2015

Do Something Unexpected

Why reinvent the wheel? I'm linking to Chuck Wendig's always interesting Terrible Minds blog where he recently posted 100 RANDOM STORYTELLING TIPS. Some thought-provoking writing advice awaits you. A lot of thought-provoking writing advice.

I taped number 4 near my keyboard to refer to as I struggle with my work-in-progress:

 Do something unexpected in the story. Yes, right now. If not now, then soon.

The power of the unexpected in storytelling is one of my favorite subjects and I still need to remind myself to remember it. If everything happens as expected, there's no story!

So, surprise us.


I also like number 98:

 The best stories make us feel giddy and afraid not only when we read them — but when we’re sitting there writing them, as well.

Next month on September 10,  I'll be talking about National Suicide Awareness Week. It's one of my favorite times of the year. Join me!

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