Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Writer's Social Media Perplexity

Social media. Branding. Platform Building. To tweet or not to tweet? If you write YA, why are you on Facebook? The kids aren't on Facebook because there parents and grandparents are on Facebook. Create a blog. Write blog posts. Make them catchy. Vine vids. Snapchat. Tumblr. (How did an editor not see the "e" is missing). Pinterest. Instagram.

I KNOW!!! It's enough to make a sane person CRAZY!

I work as a school librarian, work at a public library doing teen programming and have two kidlets, one husband and a cat who, in addition to being a secret agent, also has some weird skin issues. Because I'm an disorganized over-achiever, I'm also on a book award committee, review books for a library publication, organize my school's carnival and shuttle the kidlets back and forth from scouts, swimming, dance and next year we're adding drama.

How the heck am I supposed to tweet daily, post a new blog post every single day, make my tumblr account interesting, write a newsletter every week, post on Facebook and STILL write another book. Let's not even talk about needing time to read and hang out with my friends who are willing to take the kidlets off my hands for a few hours when I need to power through to make a deadline.


I can't.

So I'm not going to. Perplexity over. End of post.

Okay, okay, that was kind of a cheating move. So here's my thoughts on social media. Yes. We have to do it. The publishing world is getting more competitive with the introduction of self-publishing and traditional publishing vying for every dollar. And the responsibility of promoting yourself and your book falls on the author. The publishing house can only do so much.

The invention of social sites make it so easy to do promote ourselves. But they also add a lot of pressure to our already frazzled psyche. Here's the secret I have learned: We don't have to do it ALL! In fact, pick one, maybe two that you actually LIKE to do and do that awesome! And if there's something you WANT to do... figure out how to do it when you have time. No one becomes Jane Freidman overnight. (Although, if you want to learn from her, she's at Midwest Writer's Workshop every July... you should come!)

So, what are your go-to social media endeavors and how do you balance your writing/ reading/ work/ social life responsibilities with social media?

Sarah Schmitt has bachelor’s degrees in political science and psychology as well as a master’s degree in higher education administration, but she has always loved writing fiction. She is a K–8 school librarian part-time and youth service professional for teens at her public library. Sarah currently lives with her husband and two kidlets near Indianapolis, Indiana. Her debut YA novel will be in bookstores October 6, 2015 (Sky Pony Press).


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