Monday, July 20, 2015

Fall Fifteeners Talk Genre: Natasha Sinel, author of THE FIX

Hello, all! Anna-Marie McLemore here, author of THE WEIGHT OF FEATHERS, stopping in with this month’s installment of Fall Fifteeners Talk Genre. Each month, I’m chatting with one of my fellow Fall Fifteeners about their genre, and a little later I’ll be talking about why I what I write. Today I’m excited to chat with Natasha Sinel, author of THE FIX, about her love for contemporary YA.

1. What genre do you write?
YA Contemporary Realistic

2. What do you love most about contemporary realistic YA? 
I love exploring the very real feelings that happen to us during high school. Things matter. They’re big. We don’t know yet what it’s like to wake up and say, “so, this is it?” Teenagers are just beginning their journey toward independence, figuring out who they are, what’s important to them, how they feel about themselves. And they’re seeing that adults are actually just people—and that’s scary as hell.

3. What genres does contemporary realistic YA sometimes get confused with? Where are lines drawn, and where is there genuine overlap/blurring between genres? 
There really isn’t much genre confusion in my books (so far). I’m working on one manuscript that has the tiniest touch of magical realism, something just outside the scope of reality, but it’s 99.9% realistic.

4. What are some of your favorite contemporary realistic YA books?
Story of a Girl, Sara Zarr
Sex & Violence and Perfectly Good White Boy, Carrie Mesrobian
The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Stephen Chbosky
The Sky Is Everywhere and I’ll Give you the Sun, Jandy Nelson
Reality Boy, A.S. King

5. How did you come to write contemporary realistic YA?
It wasn’t really a choice for me. YA contemporary is what I like to read most. The first story I wanted to write all the way through was YA contemporary. Every idea since has pretty much been realistic. It feels right to me.

6. Regardless of whether you write them, what are your favorite genres to read?
I like to read outside my genre occasionally too. My critique partner Kendall Kulper’s Salt & Storm is one of my favorite books. It’s historical paranormal (witches) and is beautiful. And I’ve been known to love the occasional dystopian. I think, ultimately, I want the stories I read and write to be about complicated characters who make you think, no matter what the genre.

Thanks for talking genre, Natasha!

About Natasha: Natasha Sinel writes YA fiction from her home on a dirt road in Northern Westchester, NY. She drives her kids around all afternoon, but in her head, she's still in high school, and hopes that no one near her can read minds. Her debut YA novel THE FIX will be out from Sky Pony Press on September 1, 2015.